Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of Mei Gwynedd’s Calon Lân Soundtrack (the “Soundtrack”)

Unless you have entered into a Bespoke Agreement (see further below), by uploading your video and/or sound recording (“Your Materials”) you are giving permission for Arts Council of Wales (“ACW”) to use Your Materials in whatever way in which ACW deems appropriate, anywhere in the world, provided such use is non-commercial and not for profit, and in this regard you are licensing any copyright and performance rights which you own in Your Materials to ACW for all such purposes. As part of the above permission you are agreeing to Your Materials being used in the #calonlan campaign launched ahead of the Rugby World Cup in Japan (the “#calonlan campaign”), and for Your Materials to be used in whole or part in the creation of a video of a virtual choir singing Calon Lân to the Soundtrack

The above permission will be unlimited in time.

You also agree not to exercise any moral rights which you may own in Your Materials

You also confirm in respect of Your Materials that;

  1. (a) Everyone who appears in them has consented to being filmed and/or recorded, and has agreed to your submission of Your Materials to ACW for ACW to use them for the purposes set out above;
  1. (b) You have secured identical permissions to those set out above and agreement not to exercise any moral rights from all people appearing in Your Materials other than yourself;
  1. (c) Your Materials do not infringe the rights of any party; and
  1. (d) Your Materials do not contain any other unlawful or offensive content

ACW is providing the Soundtrack free of charge as a karaoke song track. By signing up to these terms you agree only to use the Soundtrack for the purpose of creating videos and/or soundtracks for submission to ACW as part of the #calonlancampaign, with the permissions set out above, and for no other purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise. However, should any video and/or soundtrack submitted by you be accepted by ACW for inclusion in the #calonlancampaign (“Accepted Material”), ACW grants you a royalty free, non-exclusive licence, to the Soundtrack, to use the Accepted Material yourself, on the strict condition that such use is non-commercial and not for profit. Such licence can be terminated by ACW at any time however, by sending you notification of the same, and you agree to delete and/or destroy all copies of any video and/or soundtrack created by you incorporating the Soundtrack should ACW require this. AWC will notify you if Your Materials are not accepted, and that no licence to use the Soundtrack further has been granted to you.

ACW reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse inclusion of videos and/or sound recordings in the virtual #calonlan world choir.

We endorse respectful online conduct.

Bespoke Agreements

In exceptional circumstances ACW and its licensors will agree for permissions for them to use videos and/or sound recordings, and for licences to the creators of such works to use the Soundtrack, to be granted on bespoke terms different to those set out above, including on commercial terms if that is deemed appropriate. Please contact [info@calonlan2019.com] for further information about such licences, prior to uploading Your Materials.

Rights Omissions

ACW has used its best endeavours to ensure that all the owners of copyright and performance rights in the videos and/or sound recordings used as part of the #calonlan campaign have given their consent to the uses made of those works. If you are the owner of such copyright and/or performance rights and have not given your consent to ACW’s use of your work or performance, ACW apologises and asks that you contact it at [info@calonlan2019.com] with a view to discussing your granting such permission or ACW removing the work in question from the calonlan2019 campaign.

Data protection

In accordance with [Arts Council of Wales’ Privacy Policy] your contact details will be held by Arts Council of Wales for 24 months for use only by us to contact you in relation to this campaign.

Your data will be stored for 24 months and will only be used for the purpose of the #calonlan campaign and will not be shared with external partners without your written prior consent.

Should Arts Council of Wales receive a request by someone externally to contact you we will contact you first.

After 24 months all material and data will be disposed unless we contact you to ask for permission for further use in relation to this campaign.

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